Marhefka Makes a March to the Front

After the Saturday morning practice, Brandan felt like we had a decent car to go into the 150 lap main event, “The car feels good, it is drivable I just feel like we are missing a little bit of speed.”. Brandan was not wrong we were not the fastest car on the short run however on the long run the car seemed to come alive. After qualifying and heat races where all said and done Brandan would start the “3rd Annual Motor Mountain Masters” from the 23rd starting spot in a stout 35 car field. At the start of the race, Brandan was just making laps and he was getting frustrated because he felt like his car was so much faster than everyone around him. Over the radio, at one point he said “I have to get going forward otherwise I am going to get ran over”, and he did just that! After following Joe Maruca, the third-place finisher from the week before, Brandan made his move to the inside and completed the pass. Brandan managed to drive his way up to 17th, advancing 6 positions, in a caution shortened first stage.

 At the start of the second stage, Brandan found himself battling with local favorites Barry Awtey and Zane Ferrell for an extended period of time. Brandan had the faster car but was unable to make the bottom work as he was battling tight conditions all night long. He then worked his way to the high side of the race track and really started to make his march toward the front of the pack. On the final lap of the stage, Brandan was able to put it three wide and pass two cars in the same corner! This put Brandan up to 12th, another 5 spots gained this segment! Over the segment break, we decided to put a few gallons of fuel in the car and put right-side tires on the car to make it to the end of the race.

On the initial restart for the final stage of the race, Brandan would fire off very tight, which is in most cases the opposite of what putting right-side tires only on the car would typically do! But the wheelman adjusted his driving style and drove his way up to 11th before the next caution. On the following restart, Brandan worked his way up to as high as 8th and was having a solid top 10 run and was even the highest running competitor from Pennsylvania! Then on a restart with three laps to go there was a massive crash in front of Brandan. He was able to avoid too much major damage but did clip Eldon King, a New York driver, on his way through the accident. We were forced to relinquish our 10th place running spot to come down pit road and fix our damage. It was unbeknownst to the Marhefka Motorsports crew that you were able to make repairs under red flag conditions so we did lose a few spots coming to pit road under yellow. Then a car that was a lap down then restarted in our position which took away our opportunity to restart on the outside, Brandan’s preferred line throughout the night. Brandan still drove his way through a few cars on the Green, white, checkered restart and managed to bring his car home in the tenth position.

After the race, all the crew had to say about Brandan’s performance was “WOW”. Brandan was exhausted after wheeling the car for 2 hours on a hot night. After some fluids, Brandan was able to sign some autographs and meet some eager fans! It was a great night for Marhefka Motorsports!